New video from Bay Uno

Bay has just released a new video for his song “Black Beauty” from his debut album, Catalina.

Shot with sepia tones, we join Bay as he gallops through a temperate forest on horseback and walks around on foot with his ukelele singing.

If you haven’t heard this album yet, it’s a must-have for any music lover. This video captures the spirit and beauty of the recording.

Directed by Tyler Ford


Song produced by Matt Whyte

New video from K.Flay: Blood In The Cut

K.Flay has a new video out for “Blood In The Cut”, one of the tracks from her latest EP Crush Me. You can get the album here:

The track continues K.Flay’s journey into a post-hip hop, alt rock fusion sound with her dark lyrics that are no less playful and frequently sarcastic. The video is suitably dark to match, and she sports dark eyeliner around her eyes to fit the mood.

She’s continuing her relentless touring schedule. Just finishing gigs in Germany in the UK, she’s kicking off a string of gigs across the USA (and one gig in Toronto, Canada) in October and November this year.

More about tour on her website:

On an unrelated note, she wrote to us from Sweden to say that she’s really enjoying reading Harvard Psychedelic Club. It’s the story of Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Andrew Weil and Huston Smith’s exploration of psychedelics and the birth of the psychedelic movement in the USA.

Rad stuff!

New acoustic music from Jesse Terry

Jesse Terry wrote in today with news about his upcoming tour and with a new video for his song “Landfall”. The video was shot live at a local venue in Massachussets with Abbie Gardner and Craig Akin. The song is very quiet and reflective, featuring rich harmonies and a backing cello.

The tour takes him around the east coast of the USA, then on to the UK and Ireland.

More details on his site:

New hip hop from Millyz

There’s an interesting new Boston-based hip hop artist I just learned about, Millyz. He’s got a classic sound, and sheds light on the side of Boston on the other side of Mass Ave that most people don’t see or talk about.

He’s kicking off tour with Sammy Adams (get it, Bostonians?) right now.

CATCH Millyz on TOUR WITH Sammy Adams:
9/8 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
9/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ Coda Nightclub Live Music Venue
9/10 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
9/21 – Boulder, CO @ The Fox Theatre
9/22 – Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theatre
9/24 – Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
9/27 – Iowa City, IA @ Blue Moose Tap House
9/28 – Columbia, MO @ The Blue Notes
9/29 – Bloomington, IN @ Bluebird
More info here:

Check out Mason Summit!

So we learned about Mason Summit recently. He’s young — only 19 years old — but has already released 2 albums independently. He’s been playing music, singing and recording songs since he was 13.

Definitely a lot of folk and pop influences here.

Most importantly, he has strong songwriting skills coupled with simple, accessible production.

He has a new album coming out this month, Gunpowder Tracks, another collaboration with engineer/mixer John McDuffie (Rita Coolidge’s longtime guitarist/musical director). Summit takes the lead with vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, electric sitar, Mellotron, synthesizer, electric piano and adding a little rhythm with a rainstick.  Forming the core of the group on the album: On drums and percussion is Shawn Nourse (I See Hawks in LA); the extraordinary Jeff Turmes (Mavis Staples) on electric and upright bass, clarinet; Carl Byron on keys, harmonium and accordion; McDuffie on guitars including slide.  Adding to the production is Lynn Coulter on congas and tambourine, Matt Fish on cello, Chad Watson on trombone and Neil Rosengarden on trumpet.

Be on the lookout for Gunpowder Tracks!

(We got an advance listen — it’s good.)

Just released: WagakkiBand – “KISHIKAISEI” (Back to Life)

Japan’s alt-traditional-rockers WagakkiBand have just released a single for the Rio Olympics, ”KISHIKAISEI” (Back to Life). The track goes on sale later today on iTunes ( with a video in the works as well.

I happened to find an early release copy on the YouTubes.

The new music follows their recent tour in the US this July with three shows in California as part of their “Deep Impact 1st US Tour.” The shows were a raging success, with new fans and old, chanting for encores with the Japanese band name, “Wagakki” enthusiastically at each show. The word ‘Wagakki’ is not just the band name but a Japanese word about ancient musical tradition, so for the band to hear it chanted marked an exciting and encouraging landmark moment in thier career.

WagakkiBand fuse​ Shigin, poetry recitation rooted in Japanese traditional performing arts, Wagakki, traditional Japanese musical instruments, and rock music to bring a fresh and yet authentically Japanese live show.

Front woman Yuko Suzuhana is the champion of a nationwide Shigin contest. Backing Suzuhana are 7 members playing traditional instruments including Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Shamisen (3 string guitar like instrument), Koto (Japanese Harp), and Taiko (Japanese drum).

Just released: “First Impressions” by Alejandro Meola

Holy crap, take a listen to the new EP out by blues/rock songwriter Alejandro Meola.

Last summer he was one of our “artists of the day”. We’ve always recognized his innate talent, but his new EP takes everything to a radically new level. Seriously, give it a listen right now.

His band is just getting back to Brooklyn after an east coast tour this spring. Now he’s gearing up for a show at Rockwood Music Hall in August.

Wednesday 8/10
7pm  — free –
196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002


Thud’s new single: Prime Of Pride

By God, do I ever love this band.

They craft this angelic synth-rock that is delightful on the ears.

Their last video single, “Lime”, was featured on some of our earlier mix tapes.

They’re back in a big way with “Prime of Pride”. It’s everything I love about this band. A big, airy, transcendent sound. Like angels.

In fact I’ve gone back and tracked down “Lime” again.

Kick back and enjoy a transcendent afternoon.