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Greg Spero
Excited States of America
The Cush
The Soft Close-ups
Nina Paley / Todd Michaelson
So Called Someone
Eric & Magill
Gina Cimelli

also including some shows …
Alive In Seattle
Bee and PuppyCat (c/o Frederator Studios)

Fan email

We got the nicest email from a fan this week. I wanted to share it with you all because it perfectly captures the collaborative core of our vision.

“I was totally jazzed to hear you talk about your vision and passion behind vt.   I cannot help but think that there is a real place for this – and an important place.  Whatever is happening to us now –  happening in American culture and in our interactions with  each other and the world – I believe that efforts to connect us (as individuals and as a community) are the most important undertakings of our time.  I believe they hold the key to our advancement.  And, increasingly, I am thinking, they hold the key to our survival.  vt may be one small adventure in the global scheme of things.  But it is not small at all.  Anything that peels back the layers in an effort to expose raw, real creativity, is not small.  In fact, there is nothing bigger, nor more important.”

I could not have said that better.

FREE SHOW! House of Blues Hollywood

Friday, November 21
8:00pm (Doors)
House of Blues
8430 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

This just in: Los Angeles local Greek/American Rock-Pop artist Electra Barkos and her band, Electra will perform in Los Angeles at the House of Blues on Friday, November 21.

Since its founding in 2009, ELECTRA has been making a huge impact on the Los Angeles and Orange County music scene by their blending of rock, pop and opera into their energetic live shows. They have opened up for some amazing artists such as LITA FORD, MISSING PERSONS, GREAT WHITE and JARED LEE and were also part of the 2010 and 2011 Sunset Strip Music Festival along with SMASHING PUMPKINS, SLASH, NEON TREES, MOTLEY CRUE and more. ELECTRA’S current EP, “Problem Child” is available on iTunes and their single “Problem Child” has over 65,000 views on Youtube. ELECTRA’S upcoming debut, full length album “These Times” was funded solely by their loyal fans via a Kickstarter campaign which raised over 7,000 more than it’s original goal, raising a total of 22,404.

ELECTRA will release their new studio album, THESE TIMES, in JANUARY 2015 which was produced by Mike Plotnikoff (HALESTORM, DAUGHTRY, KELLY CLARKSON). Having toured Los Angeles and Orange County in their short career, Electra has had a huge impact on the Los Angeles local music scene, blending Opera into their Rock-Pop music. To coincide with the release of their new album, bassist YANNI BARAKOS, guitarist HYLAND CHURCH, drummer DAN WELBY and singer ELECTRA BARAKOS announced their last show of 2014 at the HOUSE OF BLUES in their hometown of LOS ANGELES, CA where they will perform both new and old songs including their two recently released singles “These Times” and “Tomorrow’s Not There” which are both available on iTunes here: http://www.bit.ly/tomorrowsnotthere http://www.bit.ly/electrathesetimes

To get free tickets please contact:

Nicole Lemberg

Free EP from Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty has just announced release of a deluxe reissue of their EP, “Unfinished Business”, available for free download online.

Producer/MC Action J tells us: “We wanted to to give a deeper look in to this project. We’re unraveling the elements of EP to share more with our fans. Plus a wild departure remix of “Piece of me” and a completely new song “RX”.”

Get it here FREE:

Why I fight for the vt

I hit a hard patch recently that made me question everything — the struggle to build a radical new company, why I put up with the bullshit and nonsense and the frequent slimeballs I encounter in the entertainment world. So I wrote myself a note to remind me why I get up and fight every day.

I thought I’d share it with you all.

This is why I fight:

Business can be an awful, awful shark-tank, especially for artists. We get routinely taken advantage of and manipulated by greedy businessmen.

People see us as a way to make a buck. And that feels awful, and I believe it creates awful karmic reactions across all levels of society.

We are doing really, really important work. I read it every day in my inbox. Artists come out of the woodwork to work with us & thank us for our support. We get emailed by artists all the time to work with us.

And they’re such good artists, too!

Yes. The money sucks. It will probably suck for a long time.

But one day, if we keep pushing forward, we will end up building the beautiful dream we’ve been talking about. A collaborative, creative ecosystem where artists thrive.

It’s a creative renaissance. A fundamentally rad company that we love to death.

Anyway, I just wake up every morning and have to push it forward.

the vt community mix tape – NOV 2014

We are pleased to announce the members of the vt’s first community mix tape:

Greg Spero

The Golden Age of Transit

Stone and Space

J-rad McAwesome

Radio Raheem

Hank & Cupcakes


Tigers & Monkeys



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Jimmy Lloyd reviews: Queen Caveat


By Jimmy Lloyd

Let’s suppose you’re in a band… a hard-rockin, shit-kickin, take-no-prisoners band. Let’s also suppose you are from Los Angeles, you play the Sunset Strip circuit frequently and you fancy yourself somewhat of a sexy, good-looking female lead singer of said hard-rockin, shit-kickin, take-no-prisoners band. Let’s suppose a bit further that your band finds itself on a bill with Queen Caveat. My best advice to you is find some excuse to cancel the gig, stay home, have a big cheeseburger and curl up with a good book….cause if you are insane enough to go up against Queen Caveat on their home turf, you are out of your mind.

Queen Caveat will utterly and completely destroy you and any sense of self esteem you may have! Queen Caveat is the real deal.

Fronted by the insanely sexy and fearless Lauren Little, Queen Caveat delivers a power kick straight to your gut.

Their music is an adrenaline shot direct to your jugular vein. Lauren performs her relentless set as though she is exorcising a demon that may or may not actually be exorcisable. She is a grenade inside a crate of dynamite surrounded by a fleet of gasoline tankers…and like a sly vixen, she is there taunting you with a book of matches. She is an erupting volcano while mushroom clouds rise around her for show.

Lauren is a star and Queen Caveat is where she shines. These guys will rock the snot out of your nose and leave you bleeding and you will thank them for it.

With a seemingly bottomless pit of energy, Queen Caveat’s live show is a powerchord journey in to the black heart of the universe. They will take you with them willingly and bring you back with blisters on your ears. Just when it seems this band can’t rock any harder they show you that they were just warming up. Think about that part of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” when the singer starts singing higher and higher until the point his vocals reach the outer limits of the stratosphere as you ask yourself how this is even possible? This is what Queen Caveat does.

“What Built Me”, “Bullet”  and “Let It Fall” are just three of their stand out tracks that shouldn’t be missed. Neither should their live show.

Queen Caveat does things that can’t be taught, bought or learned from anyone. If you are thinking of a career in hard rock I hope you know Microsoft Office well, cause if you are competing with the likes of Lauren Little and Queen Caveat, you will need these skills as you seek employment as an administrative assistant as you fade in to obscurity cursing Queen Caveat for destroying your chances. They are just that damn good.

(original post here)