Artist of the day: Cafe Cafe

Cage Café is the stage name for Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Greg Kocis, a Pittsburg native who moved to Brooklyn with $500 in his pocket and aspirations to follow his musical dreams. He couch surfed until he found his feet, meanwhile experimenting with sounds until finding a niche writing indie-pop songs with strong hooks and lyrics.

According to his bio he finds a new vocalist for each track he writes … though to be honest it’s not entirely clear who the guest vocalist is on “Don’t Worry About It”.

Artist of the day: Julia Marie

Today’s artist is Julia Marie. She writes indie pop music and has just finished working on a debut EP due to release later this year. She is born and raised in LA and has been working in the arts since she was a kid. Her soulful style combined with an excellent production team has crafted really gorgeous tracks.

Artist of the day: Excited States of America

To celebrate the founding of the USA this 4th of July we have a special protest song from Excited States of America. It’s an adaptation of Rod McKuen’s 1960s song “The Things Men Do”, rewritten for our turbulent modern times.

As Woody Guthrie said after World War 2, fascism exists anytime the police do what rich people tell them to. British musician Billy Bragg further explained, ”Woody’s original songs, the songs that he wrote back in the 1930s … with these images of people losing their houses to the banks, of gamblers on the stock markets making millions, when ordinary working people can’t afford to make ends meet, and of people dying for want of proper free healthcare, you know, this song could have been written anytime in the last five years, really, in the United States of America.”

We need more protest songs today.

Artist of the day: Hearts of Darkness

We’ve got a great jam for you today! It comes from Kansas City, Missouri-based band Hearts of Darkness. With a 5-piece horn ensemble, funk drums, bass and guitar, and 4 vocalists, they bill themselves as a hip hop/funk/soul group that draws on everything from afrobeat to big band jazz.

They know how to dance, and they know how to party. If you’re getting ready for a long holiday weekend, hit play, kick back, and “Unplug Yourself”.

Artist of the day: Atarah Valentine

We’ve got another rad summer jam for you today. This time from alternative rocker Atarah Valentine, who has obviously studied from the great masters of arena rock like Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Darkness.

He’s got a new jam out for the summer called “Break Free” that will make you want to roll down the windows of your car and crank up the volume. Perfectly-crafted and well-produced rock.

Seriously, hit play and rock out y’all.

Connect with Atarah Valentine online:

Our new summer jam: The Letter Yellow

Today we’ve got a rad new summer jam to welcome us to July. It’s called “Summer In The City” from Brooklyn-based The Letter Yellow. The song has a mellow 1960s-pop vibe and will be your guaranteed #1 jam all summer long!

It’s a single from their upcoming second album, Watercolor Overcast. We got a sneak-peek listen to it recently and it’s full of well-crafted indie pop tunes that will fill your day with happiness.


More info on their website:

Interview: Scam Avenue

Scam Avenue imageI got the chance to catch up with new Brooklyn pop-rockers Lawrence Kim (guitar and vocals) and Devery Doleman (lead vocals) of Scam Avenue via email. They’ve been making this hooky synth-rock that blends a ton of influences into something deliciously new and exciting.

Like their music, their responses were terse but poignant.

More on their website:

Nick: You guys are all active in a number of other bands. What brought Scam Avenue together?

Devery: I had been searching over a year for the right band and was lucky to find Lawrence and that we clicked. I got involved in my other projects after Scam Avenue started.

Lawrence: Craigslist brought us together; Craigslist will drive us apart.

N: Lawrence mentions a wide variety of influences: New Order to the Beach Boys to Brian Eno. What’s the common thread here? What makes music “music” for you?

L: I like people who make music from the heart.

D: The difficult-to-define quality of longing/fusion associated with dreams. Songs that are their “own animal”.  Ecstatic melancholy.

N: You guys have played a few shows around Brooklyn. What’s your favorite part about performing together?

L: I like it when an audience of strangers gets into it. It feels good to create something that other people enjoy.

D: Channeling something we made together that I love so much.

N: Any plans to get on the road and tour?

D: I hope that’s in our future.

L: Not yet.

N: What’s your favorite song from the 1960s or 1970s?

D: Aaaaaaaaaargh!  In this moment? Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg – “Jane B.” 

L: So many but right now off the top of my head without thinking too much: “Continuing” – Michael Nesmith

Visit their website:

Artist of the day: Femme

We found a great live video of FEMME looking a lot like Scarlett Johansson in Sophia Coppola’s “Lost In Translation”. FEMME is a rising girl-pop star from the UK, a former singer for Nigel Godrich’s Ultraísta. The description on her Facebook page says it all: Girls. Beats. Bass.

Artist of the day: Eric John Kaiser

Paris-native Eric John Kaiser has been tromping around the Pacific Northwest for the past few years. He moved to the States for a girl he fell in love with. Since then he’s been traveling and touring around North America, singing French-infused Americana tunes.

His latest track, “Life Underground” is an upbeat jam for your Sunday listening pleasure.