Nick’s Picks: Stone & Space “Apollo”

Got another new one from hip hop duo Stone and Space. This video is for a track called “Apollo” (produced by DJ Cannon) filmed by RoyalRae.

I love how this video starts with a camera mounted above the front wheel of a bicycle, while the background sounds like a spaceship.

Then in comes the beat: a Nintendo-sounding bouncing melody line that leads into a tight kick and snare with perfectly synchronized lyrics. And a solid electronica hook in the second half of the verse under each rapper.

These guys have great lyrics and flow. Just tight as hell with more 90s references than a Tribe song. And the video is like a portrait of San Francisco and all the quirky characters the duo see as they ride around town on their bike. Um, Stoney anyway. I think Spacebar just drives on this one.

Anyway. Great beat. Great flow. Great fucking song.

Damn I love these guys.

Jimmy Lloyd reviews: Dorie Colangelo


By Jimmy Lloyd

If the adage is true that still waters do in fact run deep, than Dorie Colangelo is the personification of this age-old proverb. She is quiet, calm, perceptive and intuitive.

In person and upon first meeting her, one would have a hard time recognizing what lurks beneath. She comes across as anything but intense. She is warm and friendly. She is pleasant. But… when she takes her guitar to the stage she becomes a super-charged vessel of emotive transparency. Her songs explode with a quiet strength and reveal an immortal soul filled with feelings of loss, love, longing and hope. She is uncontrived. She is unassuming. She is in the moment

The tenderness of her voice invites the listener into a world that appears to be the serene calm in the midst of a violent and mysterious storm. Her playing style is simple and effective and compliments her lyrics and vocal delivery in a way that one could not possibly be trained to do. Dorie is a natural and was born to do this.

She is a precious stone in an age of plexiglass and twittered-up hype. She neither pretends nor asks of you. She doesn’t have to. She simply gives. Her songs, her presence and her spirit.

Dorie commands a stage like a female version of Zarathustra atop her Ziggurat as if at an old-time  Zoroastrian tent revival. Behind her and off in the distance….the tinge of an orange hue illuminates the night as glittering dust rains down from the heavens. And I am there, with her…as her friend… to pay my respects to the Gods.

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Femme: Double A Side Videos!

If you’re looking for fun summer music, this may be it! Although Heartbeat was released last autumn alongside Fever Boy as a double A side single, the track’s electro-pop beats serve as the perfect soundtrack to your latest barbecue or beach party. Femme’s leading lady, Laura Bettinson, may sound familiar to fans of experimental rock/electronic band Ultraísta. Bettinson’s vocal style remains similar with both projects, though Femme is much more of a dance pop affair.

The Heartbeat video plays to the song’s energy perfectly and its splashes of color are especially striking against Bettinson, who is dressed in white. An array of vibrant inanimate objects and a turtle add elements of whimsy (and who doesn’t love a turtle in a video?).

Fever Boy also features Bettinson as the focal point, this time dressed in black against a white tile background. Just as Heartbeat featured splashes of color, so too does Fever Boy. Sadly, Fever Boy does not feature a turtle but it does have a soapy dog, which is also pretty rad. Ch-check it out!

Nick’s Picks: DEVILSKIN “Start a Revolution”

Alright homies, let’s rock!

This week we’ve got New Zealand-based hard rock band DEVILSKIN and their video for “Start a Revolution”. First of all, this is a great track. I’m particularly fond of the vocal line switch in the second half of the chorus. It helps that Jennie Skulander has a gorgeous voice and she absolutely nails her part. Actually, the whole band nails this song. The production is really outstanding.

And then there’s the video. Brilliantly produced, all done in black and white with splashes of color. They obviously had a lot of fun making this. I would have loved to have been part of the makeup crew.

I dare you to listen to this and not rock out. Seriously. Because you will rock the fuck out.

*** BONUS ***

Check out these production stills!

vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h44m18s248 vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h52m39s137 vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h55m48s202