Nick’s Picks: DEVILSKIN “Start a Revolution”

Alright homies, let’s rock!

This week we’ve got New Zealand-based hard rock band DEVILSKIN and their video for “Start a Revolution”. First of all, this is a great track. I’m particularly fond of the vocal line switch in the second half of the chorus. It helps that Jennie Skulander has a gorgeous voice and she absolutely nails her part. Actually, the whole band nails this song. The production is really outstanding.

And then there’s the video. Brilliantly produced, all done in black and white with splashes of color. They obviously had a lot of fun making this. I would have loved to have been part of the makeup crew.

I dare you to listen to this and not rock out. Seriously. Because you will rock the fuck out.

*** BONUS ***

Check out these production stills!

vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h44m18s248 vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h52m39s137 vlcsnap-2014-05-03-10h55m48s202

Robynn & Kendy: Gonna Be Okay

Robynn & Kendy are a Cantonese pop duo based in Hong Kong. Their voices blend together beautifully and the harmonies and melodies they create transcend any and all language barriers that may exist. Any fan of opera knows powerful music and emotive singers can convey feeling; the language is almost an afterthought. While Robynn & Kendy sing pop songs, they effectively let tempo and tone create the mood for the song allowing the listener to do something American pop music seldom does; infer. For those who prefer literal translations, the duo offer English translations to several tracks which are equally gorgeous. Some of their songs feature what seems to be something of a signature where one of the girls sings the chorus in Cantonese while the other harmonizes in English: It sounds absolutely gorgeous. Incidentally, their videos are equally stunning

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Nick’s Picks: Beverly “Honey Do”

Our friends at Kanine Records sent over a new video from Beverly recently, titled “Honey Do”, the second track on their latest album Careers.

“Honey Do” is everything I loved about summers when I was a teenager. Fucking around with friends in the hot, hot sunshine while listening to classic guitar rock and feeling like there was nothing to do but just be for awhile before another crappy school year started.

This video is a contemporary classic. Gorgeous guitar riffs with complementary, soaring vocals are paired with a humorous pastiche of kids mucking about in Austin, Texas. They frequently stare at us through the camera as though seeking connection with the viewer. Perhaps it’s an invitation for us to step through the screen and join them in the Austin summertime.

Maybe next year as SxSW.

Great fucking track. Really love the Kanine roster of talent!

Jimmy Lloyd reviews: Emanuel Ayvas


By Jimmy Lloyd

Emanuel Ayvas – singer, songwriter and leader of the 20-piece extravaganza called Emanuel And The Fear – may very possibly be a genius. I don’t come across geniuses too often so this may be hard to confirm. But… he is certainly one of the most talented songwriters and multi-instrumentalists I have ever met. He is a Wildman! A Warlock of sorts… on par with the great, gifted, and mystical alchemists of yesteryear who only purvey their secrets to a select few. Emanuel’s songs are extraordinary, inexplicable creations channeled from otherworldly places and then bestowed upon us in a seemingly effortless manner. I can’t say I know him well, but I can confirm reports of him having a raucous time at SXSW with a hodge-podge of his merry pranksters. This man is on a Kerouac-ian quest into the heart of an eternal spirit. To talk to Emanuel, one sometimes needs a willingness to suspend the present moment. Gazing toward an invisible horizon, he expands the listener’s consciousness with words that levitate the conversation to a place of unseen but potentially attainable realization. All this is even before he picks up a guitar! Like a sorcerer in his laboratory, his words are elements and his sounds are potions that once mixed together create a potent elixir. This music is a form of rare poetry devoid of any perimeter known in this dimension. You’ve got to see it to believe it…and once you do… I assure you…you will be better for it!

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‘Shed My Skin’ and Easy (Remix)- Emily Danger

Today on the vt, some dark cabaret rock, courtesy of Brooklyn-based band Emily Danger. The first of the pair of videos we’re featuring today is ‘Shed My Skin.’ Directed by John Patrick Wells, who serves as creative director for Emily Danger, the video captures the haunting starkness of the lyrics without being particularly literal. The message of the video seems to play out as if elements of ‘The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie’ intersected with Cirque de Soleil in a vaudevillian version of Oz. The dark elements of the video are offset by the bright lights, vibrance, and shimmer of the performance scenes with with band.

The second of the Emily Danger videos we’re featuring today is for ‘Easy Remix.’ Originally a soft and lilting ballad appearing on their debut EP Paintings, the remix of the track is slightly more eclectic and befitting a video concept only John Patrick Wells could conceive. The video grabs your attention immediately as you see a man and child navigating through abandoned terrain. The music plays as we’re introduced to another man; this one with a deer’s head. Our deer/man goes about his day and his story parallels that of the man and child (father and son, according to video credits) and as the story unfolds viewers see how the lives of the three become intertwined in ways that could leave you pondering all varieties of philosophical, sociological, and anthropological questions.

It’s always great when videos play on a theme or tone of a song without visually analyzing it to death and Emily Danger and John Patrick Wells are great about this. Check out the videos and let us know what you think!

Nick’s Picks: Stone and Space “Unidentified Flying”

Holy crap we just found our new jam.

It’s from a hip hop duo called Stone and Space. The video is called “Unidentified Flying.”

These guys wrote in with what they called a “Bollywood remix” with no description of the band. I wasn’t sure what to expect — a spacey prog rock band with strong Bollywood influences? — and was eager to check it out.

It turns out they took a dance scene from a Bollywood movie and perfectly overlaid a hip hop track of theirs. The result is great, even more exciting than Snoop Dogg’s cameo in Bollywood hit Singh is Kinng.

Great track guys.

Also Bollywood dancers are the best.